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About Mission Animal Hospital

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The human-pet bond has scientifically-proven and extensive benefits for people who bring pets into their lives. This includes increased social connectedness and physical activity, reduced blood pressure and hypertension, lower mortality rates, and psychological benefits such as decreased loneliness, mitigated effects of PTSD, and decreased depression and anxiety. 


At Mission Animal Hospital, we believe that everyone deserves to be able to access the benefits of pets in their lives, and that pet ownership shouldn’t be restricted to only those with economic privilege. However, with 64% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, the cost of veterinary care can be a financial hardship, causing stress for families, and dangerous unchecked health conditions for the pet. 

Your support will help provide critical veterinary care to more than 25,000 pets and their families this year. With your help, Mission Animal Hospital will be able to provide subsidized care, and make necessary it possible for families to keep their beloved fur family where it belongs -- at home.

  • A $225 General Admission Ticket helps 1 Mission Program client access the care their pet needs.

  • A $350 VIP Ticket subsidizes an urgent care physical exam for 12 pets.

  • A $2250 Premium Table for ten provides 40 spay or neuters and prevent 1,200 unwanted cats and dogs

  • A $3500 VIP Table provides emergency life-saving procedures for up to 6 pets.

Your ticket purchase and donation will make a huge impact on pets and people!

Our research shows that for every $1 contributed to Mission Animal Hospital, your donation will have a projected $4.64 in social value generated through improved health and quality of life for the pet owner.


Families come to Mission Animal Hospital when their pet needs care, often during a serious injury or illness, which can be traumatic for both the pet and the human. With our Mission Program, no-interest payment plans, flexible hours, language translation services, social work and client support, we help families and pets get the veterinary care they need to live their best lives. 


Simply put, because of Mission Animal Hospital families are not forced to surrender their pet or or undergo “economic euthanasia” because they can’t afford the critical veterinary care their pet needs. Each year, we prevent at least 700 pets from being immediately surrendered or unnecessarily euthanized because of veterinary costs. Pets are able to get the care they need and families are able to stay together, keeping the human-pet bond in-tact. 

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Mission Animal Hospital

10100 Viking Drive

Eden Prairie, MN 55433

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