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Call 952-938-1237, option 3 and leave a message or email


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We believe that everyone deserves to know the love of a pet, regardless of their financial circumstances. Mission Animal Hospital is the only nonprofit full service animal hospital in the U.S. dedicated to creating accessible veterinary care for all families. 



Our Mission: 
To make veterinary care accessible so all families
can live their best life with their pet.

Our Vision: 
A world where every pet has a family and every family has a vet.

About Mission Animal Hospital

About Mission Animal Hospital

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Our Guiding Values

  1. We believe that all people have the right to a relationship with a pet. 

  2. We maintain that pet owners know their pet best. 

  3. We prioritize patient care through exceptional, individualized medicine.

  4. We uphold that equity and inclusivity promote excellence. 

  5. We partner with our community because we are stronger together. 

  6. We innovate for maximum impact to make tomorrow better than today.


Our Call to Action

With every pet that walks through our doors, we see the
world through their eyes. We see a world where
every pet has a family and every f
amily has a vet.

We provide unconditional care for the ones who
love unconditionally. We are veterinary professionals.
We are healers, we are counselors, we are educators.

Every day we are driven to provide
care for those who cannot speak, and
hope for the families who love them.

We keep families together for
healthier and ha
ppier tomorrows. 

This is our call to action.

This is our Mission.
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Services and Pricing

We offer a two-tier pricing system, with our “Mission Program” reduced-fee prices available to those that meet the below income qualifications. 


Our History and Future

Every community can benefit from accessible veterinary care.
You can open a Mission Animal Hospital in your community! 

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Our Impact

For every $1 contributed to Mission Animal Hospital, there is a $4.64 social return in our community. 

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