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To make an appointment: 

Call 952-938-1237, option 3 and leave a message or email


Routine veterinary appointments are essential to ensuring your pet's health and maintaining the bond you carry together. Mission Animal Hospital makes affordable appointments available for both well and sick pets for both existing and new clients. We see all breeds of dogs and cats — we do not see other species at this time. 

To make an appointment:

  1. Current clients can download our mobile app to request an appointment, or

  2. Call 952-938-1237 and leave a message or email 


Appointments slots are released on a weekly basis to provide for appointments for non-urgent illness, specific injury, or ongoing medical conditions. Common non-urgent conditions include:

  • Ear infections

  • Allergies/Itchy

  • Diabetes monitoring

  • Other chronic conditions

Wellness Express

Wellness Express appointments offer an affordable way for well pets to receive an annual exam by a veterinarian, all necessary vaccines, and preventative medications. We cannot address concerns about any illness or conditions your pet may be facing during these visits. If you would like to discuss any additional concerns with a veterinarian, please request a traditional appointment. 

During your Wellness Express visit, you can receive

  • A physical exam by a veterinarian in the treatment room 

  • Office visit with a veterinary technician or assistant

  • Vaccines

  • Annual bloodwork screenings and fecal analysis

  • Preventative recommendations

  • Spay/neuter recommendations and estimates

  • Dental care recommendations and estimates

  • Nail trims/anal sac expressions

  • NOTE: We cannot see diabetic pets through Wellness Express appointments. Diabetic pets must be seen through a traditional appointment.  

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