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We now accept Online Booking requests for our Appointment and Technician Appointment Services.


Due to extremely high demand, booking requests are accepted up to two weeks in advance. New appointment slots are released Mondays at 8:00 am. Cancelations may occur and we encourage you to  check back for openings if none are available at this time.

All appointments booked online will be reviewed and confirmed by our Client Service Representatives. You will be notified if your request does not meet our requirements and is not confirmed.

Please review the following information to ensure that you are scheduling appropriately: 

Book Appointment Service to see a Veterinarian for care, such as the following: 

Appointment Service is available for new and established clients of Mission Animal Hospital. 

  • Annual Wellness Examinations,

  • Rabies vaccines

  • Recheck examinations as advised by a Mission veterinarian at a previous visit 

  • Spay/Neuter or Dental Consult

  • Itchiness, ear infections or allergy consults

  • Lump checks

  • Mild diarrhea

  • Chronic or mild limping

  • Drinking or urinating more

  • Coughing (without concern for ability to breathe normally)

Book Technician Appointment Service if you've been advised by a Mission Veterinarian to seek follow up service with a Veterinary Technician,  such as the following:

Technician Appointment Service is reserved for families with established care at Mission Animal Hospital.

  • Routine vaccines, not including rabies vaccines

  • Follow-up lab work

  • Post-operative suture removal or dental recheck

  • Chronic treatments (fluid administration, allergy or arthritis injections, etc.)

  • Anal Sac expressions, nail trims, etc.

Online Booking is NOT available for:

*Please call 952-938-1237 or email to schedule. 


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