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Mission has been training future veterinarians in the practice of Spectrum of Care medicine as an external primary care rotation for senior students from the University of Minnesota since 2020. We know that by naming, identifying and teaching the Spectrum of Care approach to veterinary medicine, we can influence the next generation of veterinarians to practice in a community-centric way that increases the accessibility of veterinary medicine on a broad scale. To that end, Mission now offers a 2-week senior veterinary student externship to all veterinary students and enhancing the learning opportunities.

Externship Overview
  1. Hands-on learning opportunities, including primary case management, overseen by a veterinarian mentor dedicated to instruction, in an urgent care and preventative care services

  2. Experiential learning in a multi-service practice in elective general surgery, emergency surgery, dentistry and DAVCS/specialty surgery, and primary surgeon in high-volume/high-quality spay/neuter surgeries

Externship Framework
  • Two-week externship program, unpaid, open to senior veterinary students attending an AVMA-accredited university for rotation credit with skills training and hands-on case-based learning in a busy, multi-service, high-quality non-profit clinic

  • 2 week session, 40 hr/week (with ability to do 3 or 4 week session if required by your institution) 

  • Daily time on the clinic floor with varied levels of student participation from observing Mission’s DVM team skilled in practical application of Spectrum of Care medicine up to primary case management in both an urgent care setting and in appointments overseen by a licensed veterinarian dedicated to instruction

  • Opportunity for additional clinical skills development in elective surgery, emergency surgery, specialty surgery (DACVS), dentistry, ultrasound, and high-quality/high-volume spay-neuter technique.​

To make an appointment: 

Call 952-938-1237, option 3 and leave a message or email



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Application Information

​For the application, please have a list of your available rotation blocks and your University's extern/preceptorship coordinator’s contact information. Applications will be accepted on ongoing basis. 

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