Urgent Care

Providing access to treatment for sick and injured pets. 

Unexpected pet illness or injury can be stressful for you and your pet. At Mission Animal Hospital, we offer high quality compassionate care, while keeping our costs affordable, to help dogs or cats with immediate medical concerns. 


Our Urgent Care is open 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday and 9am - 6pm Saturday - Sunday. We begin accepting patients to our Urgent Care list on a first-come, first-served basis beginning 30 minutes prior to hospital opening. At this time, you must check in in-person with your pet in order to be added to the list. Checking in ensures your spot on the daily Urgent Care list; however, just as with the human model, we triage patients based on the severity of symptoms to determine the order in which they are seen. Please be aware that we frequently reach daily capacity, after which we can no longer accept additional patients. 


Due to high demand on our Urgent Care service, please anticipate extended wait times.  If you secure a spot on the Urgent Care list, we suggest setting aside the entire day to wait. Our doctors are committed to providing your pet their undivided attention when it is your turn. During your wait, you may opt to leave the hospital grounds. Our staff will contact you via phone when we are ready to see your pet. Your place in line will be maintained as long as you are able to return to the hospital within 30 minutes of our phone call. 


The COVID pandemic has resulted in unprecedented circumstances impacting our Urgent Care service. Families feeling the economic impact of the pandemic are seeking our reduced costs and full service practices in record numbers. This demand is compounded as many veterinary clinics have stopped accepting new clients. There has also been a significant increase in new pet adoptions. As a nonprofit veterinary hospital, Mission is committed to keeping our services open to all.