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Mission Program

Mission Animal Hospital's flagship program, Mission Program, provides donor-subsidized care to qualifying low-income families. Through this program, we provide a second tier of pricing across all of our services, creating access to families who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford care. In 2022 83.5% of Mission Animal Hospital patients qualified for our Mission Program. We also offer additional payment flexibility through interest-free payment plans, which do not require a credit check to provide options for the nearly 70% of our payment plan seekers who would not pass a traditional credit check. 

Spectrum of Care Medicine

Layered on top donor subsidies, is how Mission's veterinarians practice Spectrum of Care medicine to make veterinary care more accessible and affordable to qualifying families by lowering the overall cost of care. 

Spectrum of Care is a recently defined concept in veterinary medicine, where a veterinarian presents their clients with a range of options for the pet’s treatment. These options take into account not only patient care and evidence-based medicine, but also the client’s budget, expectations, and cultural sensitivities.

A range or spectrum of options, can range from basic, lower cost, low-tech, and low resource dependent, to advanced, higher cost, state of the art, and resource dependent. 


Simply put, Spectrum of Care is offering options without judgment. 


The Spectrum of Care mindset is a major way that we can combat inaccessibility in veterinary medicine that is not specific to a nonprofit model. This is how veterinarians at Mission Animal Hospital practice, and how we would advocate ALL veterinarians practice. 


Mission Animal Hospital is committed to defining, educating, and promoting Spectrum of Care patient management in veterinary medicine, in order to benefit pets and people alike. 

To make an appointment: 

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