Mission Animal Hospital provides affordable, high quality veterinary care for your dogs and cats. Our clean, modern facility has everything you need for a pet’s lifetime, from basic vaccinations and wellness care to a complete range of veterinary services. Our pharmacy offers affordable medications and preventives.

We understand how much your pet means to you and we also understand that financial resources can be limited. The guiding mission of our work is to remove financial barriers to care, helping our clients maintain life-long bonds with their pets.


As a nonprofit, we strive to keep our prices as low as possible and our payment options as flexible as possible. Unfortunately, this does not mean our services are free. We will work with you to meet the needs of your pet in cases of financial hardship.

We offer a two-tier pricing system based on income qualifications. We accept cash, credit card, debit card, care credit, and payment plans in qualifying cases. Please note, the prices below are subject to change and medications are subject to other associated fees.



Mission believes in individual assessment of each pet’s risk and exposure to prevent unnecessary vaccination. Mission follows the American Animal Hospital Association guidelines for immunization to keep your pet protected from serious and emerging diseases. Initial vaccines administered at a physical wellness exam.

*No wellness exam fee required for follow-up vaccine boosters.


Wellness & Preventative Care

Good preventive care is an integral part of your pet’s overall health and directly affects your pet’s quality of life. Preventive care services can be discussed at a physical exam appointment.


Spay & Neuter Services

Your pet’s safety is our priority. Included in our spay and neuter pricing is blood work to make sure your pet is healthy prior to undergoing anesthesia. We consider spay and neuter surgeries major surgical procedures and perform these according to our high standards with comprehensive pre-anesthetic testing and intra-operative monitoring. We include an IV catheter, IV fluids, a complete blood count (CBC) and an organ function panel (chemistry) in our pricing. Pain medications and Elizabethan collars (cones) are not included as these are based on the specific weight of your pet. Prices for pain medications average $30-50 and prices for cones average $8.


Dental Services

All of our dental procedures include full blood work, IV catheter and fluids, full anesthesia, full mouth dental X-rays, dental charting, dental cleaning (scaling), and dental polishing.

All simple extractions, such as those small teeth in front, are included in each grade. The extractions we count per grade are the complicated extractions such as multi-rooted, fractured, or canine teeth. Please see below for full details.

*Not included: medications needed afterwards like pain medications or antibiotics because these vary widely by case, pet and size.

Surgical Services

Mission offers a full range of low-cost surgical services seven days per week. Our team of highly trained primary care doctors are proud to offer an extensive list of services. Additionally, Mission has a boarded surgeon on staff for complex orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries. Our doctors are able to provide pre-surgical consultations for cases that have been diagnosed elsewhere with records and x-rays*. Please contact us if you are seeking surgical services not listed here:

• Anal sacculectomy (anal gland removal)
• Aural hematoma repairs
• Bladder stone removal
• Complete dental services with digital dental radiography
• Correction of elongated soft palate
• Dewclaw removal
• Diaphragmatic hernia repair
• Enucleations
• Gastropexy
• GI foreign body removal
• Grid keratotomy
• Hernia repairs (umbilical, inguinal, perineal)
• Jaw fracture repair
• Laceration and wound repairs
• Mass removals
• Organ biopsy/sampling
• Orthopedics: Full range of orthopedic services
• PU (Perineal Urethrostomy)
• Pyometra surgery
• Salivary gland removal (Sialocele)
• Scrotal Urethrostomy
• Spay/Neuter/Cryptorchid exploratory
• Splenectomy
• Stenotic nares
• Ultrasound guided sampling
• Vulvoplasty

*Please note that there is a $100 consultation fee to meet with the board-certified surgical team. This amount is credited to the final surgical bill should you book with the board-certified surgeon. The physical exam fee applies for surgery consultation with our primary care doctors.

Other Services

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