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Dr. Susan Miller

Executive Director and Founder

Christine Durand

Director of Development

Dr. Kelsey Bertamus

Hospital Director and Veterinarian

Kellie Lager

Human Resources Director

Management Team

Dr. Hadley

Advanced Surgery Practice Director & Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon

Jennifer Gomez

Client Service Representatives' Manager

Dr. Katherine

Veterinarians' Manager & Veterinarian

Ashley Tradewell

Veterinary Technicians' Manager

Ashley L

Veterinary Assistants' Manager

Tina Davenport

Advanced Surgery Practice Manager

Board of Directors

Rebecca Anderson

Jen Bailey

Alexis Barber

Taylor Bennett

Ralph Bernstein

David Boyce

Jordan Britt

Todd Lifson

Jennifer Melin Miller

Susan Miller, DVM

Anne Paape

Tom Paulson

Kate Pexa

Dr. Oliver Phan

Beth Rausch, DVM

Dr. Rajiv Shah

William Sternberg

David Stillman

Dan Washam

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