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To make an appointment: 

Call 952-938-1237, option 3 and leave a message or email



As a nonprofit organization, Mission Animal Hospital's mission is to make veterinary care accessible so all families can live their best life with their pet.

We do so by providing hiqh-quality veterinary care in our state-of-the-art facility. We offer walk-in urgent care, appointments for sick and well pets, wellness express, general and advanced surgery as well as high-quality, high volume spay/neuter services.


Two-Tier Pricing

With the help of our donors, we offer two tiers of pricing across all services. 

  • Mission Program: our donor-subsidized pricing, providing up to 28% lower prices for lower-income families who meet guidelines 

  • Community Pricing: our standard, market average or slightly below, pricing. 

Click on any of the services listed to the left to learn more about specific pricing.

Mission Program

Our “Mission Program” reduced-fee prices available to those that meet the below income qualifications:

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