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Reece's Love for His Dad Takes a Dangerous Turn

Reece and Logan are two peas in a pod, but young pup Reece gave his dad Logan quite the scare when this two year old American Staffordshire Terrier got himself into some trouble.

Reece loves to take adventures with his dad around their home in the Duluth area and is very energetic. Reece runs laps around Logan, and the two are practically inseparable. They spend their down time together too.

When Logan is away from the house, however, Reece misses his dad. Sometimes, when he is experiencing separation anxiety, , Reece makes bad choices and likes to chew on things that smell like Logan. .

Recently, he ended up eating one of his dad’s blankets.

However, it didn’t pass through Reece’s digestive system, causing an internal blockage. Logan brought Reece to his primary veterinarian, but the surgery to have the blockage was way outside of Logan’s budget. He wasn’t sure how he would be able to save his best friend.

Then, he heard about Mission Animal Hospital. He knew that it would be worth the drive from Duluth to Eden Prairie to save his furry family.

Mission Animal Hospital made it affordable for Reece to have the blanket removed from Reece’s stomach, making the long drive totally worth it for Logan. He was so grateful that Mission was able to save his best friend.

“It’s huge that Mission Animal Hospital is able to really put their focus toward the needs of their clients and making vet care affordable for them. That is HUGE! I will forever be grateful!”

Now, Reece is recovering, so he and his dad can go back to adventuring together, keeping the blankets out of reach when Logan is out.


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