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Volunteer Spotlight: Roma

Roma is one of our amazing volunteers that help Mission Animal Hospital run smoothly behind the scenes. Volunteers like her are invaluable to Mission, and we are so grateful for her hard work! Learn more about Roma and why she volunteers here at Mission!

Why do you volunteer with Mission Animal Hospital?

When I retired in early 2022, I knew I needed to find some volunteer opportunities to keep myself busy. I had heard good things about Mission Animal Hospital and decided to check it out. What I found was an incredible organization with a mission to help people of all economic levels find a way to keep their beloved pets in their lives.

All of the team members that I have encountered at MAH seem to have a remarkable love for animals. The veterinarians, vet techs, assistants, and office staff do amazing work every day. I’m happy to take on some of the housekeeping tasks when I volunteer, so they can continue helping the pets and their owners.

What do you do when you're not volunteering here?

I love to travel and my husband Mark and I are on a mission to visit as many of the U.S. national parks as possible. We’re headed to Acadia National Park in Maine for our next trip. I also love to read and enjoy cooking.

When not volunteering at MAH, you might find me on a pontoon boat on Lake Riley assisting with a “Let’s Go Fishing” trip.

Do you have any pets?

My family had dogs while I was growing up. The most memorable was a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix named “Chippy” with a huge attitude in a tiny body. He ran our household for 19 years.

My husband, our sons and myself have loved two Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Our most recent corgi, Sabrina, died in October 2020. Mark and I are currently dog-less, but enjoying dog sitting for our sons’ corgis, Rusty and Ralph.

Tell me about a pet that had a big impact on your life.

Our first corgi, Hercules, was the sweetest guy. He loved kids of all shapes and sizes. One day toward the end of his life, I looked outside and saw the little neighbor girl sitting with her arm around Herc. She was talking to him and telling him all about her day. That helped me realize just how important pets are to our lives.


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