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Volunteer Spotlight: MICC Students

Meet the students from Minnesota Independence College and Community! Nearly every Thursday morning of the 2023-24 school year, they have been volunteering at Mission Animal Hospital. MICC is a non-profit organization in Richfield, MN working to transform the lives of individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorder and learning disabilities. Volunteering is part of their curriculum to assist in the areas of independent living skills, social and emotional learning, career skills and employment, and healthy living. Collectively, these young people volunteered more than 195 hours! Learn more about them, and what they have enjoyed about their time at Mission Animal Hospital!

Pictured left to right: Tariq Stewart, Julia Czaplewski, Taylor Thompson, Nicholas Grady, and Elias Martens.

What are your favorite volunteer tasks?

They all unanimously agreed that filling flush syringes and unsheathing oral syringes are their favorite things to do.

What do you like about volunteering at Mission?

Eli Martens said "I like Megan's positive attitude and petting dogs. I really like the working environment." Eli also volunteers at Warrior Dog Rescue.

Julia Czaplewski said "Having a good bond with Megan and other staff and having good laughs and playing with the puppies and kitties."

Do you have pets of your own and how do they make an impact on your life?

Taylor Thompson said "My pets help me when I'm sad."

Tariq Stewart said "I love my two cats."

Eli Martens said "My pets feel like family."

Julia Czaplewski said "I have cats and a dog. All of them they are my babies. They will always be my babies."

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your time volunteering with Mission?

Tariq Stewart said "Volunteering has helped me practice for the workplace."

Nicholas Grady looks forward to volunteering at Mission next school year and taking on more of a leadership role with the new volunteers.


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