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Volunteer Spotlight: Chloe

Chloe is one of our amazing volunteers that help Mission Animal Hospital run smoothly behind the scenes. Volunteers like her are invaluable to Mission, and we are so grateful for her hard work! Learn more about Chloe and why she volunteers here at Mission!

Why do you volunteer with Mission Animal Hospital?

I'm an Animal Science major in the pre-Veterinary program so volunteering with an animal hospital is necessary for my degree. Now, I could have chosen any number of hospitals to do my volunteer work at, but I chose Mission because of its dedication to the community. I mean, offering low cost spay/neuter is one thing but offering reduced fees on all services is downright amazing! Plus, the people that work there are all so sweet and extremely helpful in my journey through my bachelor's degree. So, shout out to all the staff at Mission Animal Hospital, y’all rock! What do you do when you're not volunteering here? I’m a full-time student at UW-River Falls (Go Falcons). So, if I don’t have my nose buried in my chemistry textbook, I’m usually playing plenty of video games and having one sided conversation with my dog. Do you have any pets? Oh, I have so many! My first and oldest dog is Magnus Chase, my deaf Boston terrier who lives with me at UW-River Falls. My second is Mukadewa, an Akita/Husky mix who is way too fluffy for his own good. My third dog is my sweet baby girl Chiyo, a Japanese Akita who one day might suffocate me with all her fluff, but oh man would that be the way to go. I also have a Havana rabbit, Cookies n’ Cream, or CC as I call her, whose favorite pastime is violence, but we still love each other! There’s a whole bunch of fish I can also talk about, but I don’t want this section to turn into a small novel, haha! Tell me about a pet that had a big impact on your life? Whenever I get asked this question I remember my first heart dog, Quay, or little girl in Ojibwe since my family is Native American. She was a pug, and expectations for life expectancy set low. But she lived a good 10 years with us, and I’ll forever remember her. The way she basked in the sun in front of our sliding glass door, her little snorts when she’d play with a squeaky toy, just how gentle she was even as a puppy. Just like my memories of her she never stopped, until her little heart started to fail her. Over the course of just half a year she went from my chubby princess so a shell of her former self. So, we put her down April 24th, she was the one that sparked my love for animals and inspired me to become a Veterinarian. The week after she left us I told my mom, "I'm going to become a Vet!" And the rest is history. She'll live in my heart forever and I hope one day I can thank her for putting me on the right path.


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