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Teaching and Learning at Mission Animal Hospital

Mission Animal Hospital is proud to be a teaching hospital and help to train the next generation of veterinarians. Mission regularly hosts veterinary students from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine for two-week clinical rotations. This is a great opportunity for them to get hands-on experience in the hospital and expand their skills under the guidance of our experienced veterinarians.

During their time at Mission Animal Hospital, these students get first hand experience with a model of veterinary practice called Spectrum of Care. This model is responsive to the financial means of clients and presents a range of acceptable diagnostic and treatment options so that more pets are able to receive care. By exposing the students in our hospital to this method, Mission hopes to influence the next generation of veterinarians and create a more accessible future in veterinary medicine.

Mission also recently hosted a group of students from the University of Minnesota who were completing an externship in Community Medicine. These students saw Mission patients and learned on site with their instructors.

Mission is incredibly proud to help train the next generation of veterinarians and show them how a nonprofit model of veterinary practice works!


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