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Mia was sick, and her family had nowhere else to turn

Mia was meant to be her daughter’s dog, but in the end, Nicole fell for the sweet pit bull and loves her like another child.

When Mia came to Nicole, she’d already had a tough life. Nicole’s well meaning teenage daughter took in Mia at just six months old, when her first family had to rehome her due to restrictive leasing rules. Pit bulls are often victims of restrictions in apartment leasing agreements, and despite Mia’s sweet nature, she couldn’t stay with her first family.

Mia loves spending time with the whole family—going on car rides and loving time on the family’s boat, despite not knowing how to swim. She’s a total cuddle bug, and she loves being around children. Nicole said she spoils her like a human child.

When Mia stopped eating and became very lethargic, Nicole was worried and scared for her. But Nicole was unemployed at the time, so there wasn’t much space in her budget for trips to the veterinarian. She wasn’t sure where to turn to get help for her beloved pup—she knew that an emergency animal hospital just wouldn’t be feasible for her.

Thankfully, a close friend who knew about Nicole’s situation recommended that she take Mia to Mission Animal Hospital. Nicole drove 45 minutes, hoping that Mission would be able to save her beloved dog.

Our veterinary staff diagnosed Mia with a pyometra—a serious infection of the uterus, which can be life-threatening if surgery is not performed.

“I just love Mia so much. And when the staff explained to me what was going on I cried like she was my human child,” Nicole said.

Without Mission Animal Hospital’s accessible care and Mission Program donor-subsidized prices, Nicole and her family would have had to say goodbye to Mia. But instead, Mia underwent surgery the same day she came in, and was able to go home with her family to begin healing and recovering.

Nicole was so grateful that Mission Animal Hospital was able to save Mia.

“Mission is one of the best places I've ever been to. Thanks to Mission my dog will be ok.”

Now, Mia is like a puppy again, though being sick taught her how to get extra love from her family, a habit that Nicole is more than happy to indulge.


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