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From Hospice to Healthy

Peggy Sue is striking, though maybe not in the traditionally cute way. Her whiskers curl in every direction. Her face is flat, like all Persians. She’s got bright orange eyes. Her tongue constantly pokes out of her mouth… sideways. All combined, Peggy Sue has a permanently grumpy face. Yet the moment you meet her, her sweet, affectionate personality shines through, and you can’t help but fall in love.

When Peggy Sue’s family, Katie and McKenzie, met her, things looked very different for this three-year-old kitty. She’d just been taken in by the Animal Humane Society and had been extremely neglected. Her long fur was horribly matted, and she was suffering from a terrible infection in her mouth. According to the AHS, she was in so much pain that she could barely move. To treat the infection, the Animal Humane Society removed all of her teeth. Even after this crucial intervention, the AHS warned McKenzie and Katie that Peggy Sue was a hospice case, and wasn’t likely to live long. They knew they would need a good vet to address other issues including anemia, elevated white blood cell count, swollen lymph nodes, and continued infection in her mouth.

When Peggy Sue first was adopted, she wasn't expected to return to full health.

McKenzie and Katie already brought their other pets to Mission Animal Hospital, so they knew that Peggy Sue would be in good hands here.

Thus started Peggy Sue’s many months of frequent visits to Mission Animal Hospital. Antibiotics, prescription foods, and endless tests would have been impossible for McKenzie and Katie to afford without Mission’s commitment to accessible care.

Katie, Peggy Sue, and McKenzie
“Every day I am so thankful I found Mission Animal Hospital. You not only give great vet services, but make owning a high-maintenance cat possible. I would never have been able to have Peggy Sue (or my other cat kids) if it wasn't for Mission.”

Peggy Sue came to McKenzie at a turning point in her life. She’d just lost two beloved cats within a month, including her 18 year old cat that had always been a huge emotional support. Peggy Sue’s arrival in her life reminded her of why the joy of love and connection with a pet is worth the pain and heartbreak of losing one. As Peggy Sue got comfortable living with McKenzie and Katie, they discovered that she loves being brushed and cuddled, and has a persistent habit of begging for food.

McKenzie and Peggy Sue

After several months in McKenzie and Katie’s care, and many visits and treatments at Mission, Peggy Sue has made a huge turnaround. Her mouth has healed, she’s gained weight, and she’s found a much better diet for her sensitive stomach! According to McKenzie, she’s now a happy and healthy girl that’s learning how to be a cat for the first time!

Ultimately, it was accessible veterinary care, provided by both Mission Animal Hospital and the Animal Humane Society, that was able to reverse the trajectory of Peggy Sue’s life and preserve the bond between her and her loving family.

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Peggy Sue you are gorgeous! Thank you Mission, AHS and especially McKenzie & Katie for believing in your precious life.

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