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CSS Appreciation Week - Meet Jenny!

Name: Jenny

Title: Client Service Specialist

1. What do you do at Mission and what does an “average” day look like?

When I jump into my work day, a typical day involves finding and connecting people to answers, options and solutions, as well as empathizing with people as they do their best to take care of the cats and dogs in their lives. I am constantly learning about medications, conditions and behaviors within veterinary medicine. It's incredible to do hands-on learning every week and it definitely keeps me engaged!

2. Tell us about a patient/client that sticks with you.

One of my favorite clients is a woman named Carmen who has a very warm personality. When she walks in the room, she has an amazing presence and always makes my day better by chatting with me. Her cat Disney has had some health complications, but I can tell she loves her pets like family. My favorite little friend is her sphynx cat named Disney who comes in wearing sweaters to stay warm- Disney instantly started making little biscuits on my hand while being held. They are both very kind individuals with lots of personality!

3. What drew you to Mission?

What first drew me to Mission was that I was looking for a job with value- something that reflected the investment of my time in a way I could be proud of. I wanted something where I was being challenged mentally in a fast paced environment, but also that allowed me to interact with people all day. I have always been passionate about animal rights, and when I saw that Mission was a non-profit, I got really excited.

4. Are you a cat or a dog person?

I'm a people person- cats and dogs are also little people in my opinion. Each one has such a different personality with unique experiences, and I really appreciate the nuances of character. Every day by just showing up and interacting with the world, I can learn something new from all those around me.

5. Tell us about your pets!

I have one audacious beta fish, two delightful little guinea pigs, and a tuxedo kitty. I also foster a family of albino squirrels living on and around our property. I've seen a couple generations of them grow up and we've been able to train them all to trust us.

6. Anything else you would like folks to know?

As a human, zen has fundamentally taught me more about compassion and ethics than any other school of thought. I would encourage anyone from any background to grab a book written by Charlotte Joko Beck.


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