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CSS Appreciation Week - Meet Jeannie!

Name: Jeannie

Title: Client Service Specialist

My name is Jeannie. I’m a Client Service Specialist and I’m the first point of contact for clients coming through the door. I am responsible for providing friendly service and ensuring the client has as pleasant experience as possible. My duties include setting up appointments, answering questions clients may have, manage multiple channels of communication to name a few.

I have a soft spot for all small dogs also known around the hospital as a “jeannie dog”. All of my life I have had a major passion for animals. I brought home my first puppy when I could barely walk myself from our neighbors house and begged my parents to keep her. That was the beginning of my lifelong love for animals.

My professional history is in the financial industry and Human Resources; however, with the ups and downs in the financial industry it was a very stressful job field to be in. Faced with a lay-off a few years ago my husband encouraged me to try to find something that I would love to do rather than focusing only financial positions. This is where I came across Mission Animal Hospital. I strongly believe in Mission’s vision and all that the organization does to help people and pets in need. It is also such a blessing to see all the adorable animals each day when I come in to work.

I have a Morkie named Piper, Maltzu named Kensi, and we have recently added a kitten to our family named Havana.


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