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Volunteer Spotlight: Rachael

Meet Rachael! She is new to the Mission Animal Hospital volunteer team. Rachael's hard work behind the scenes helps ensure that things run smoothly, and Mission can provide accessible veterinary care to as many pets as possible. We are so grateful for her dedication to Mission Animal Hospital. Learn more about Rachael, and why she generously gives her time to help pets in need!

Why do you volunteer with Mission Animal Hospital?

I enjoy being around animals and I love to help take care of them.

What's your favorite volunteer task in the hospital?

I love to do the laundry because then they have a clean place to come to after they’ve been sick or had surgery. I have been in the hospital a lot and it’s always felt good to land in a place where there were clean warm sheets and it felt like a hug when I felt unwell. I also love when pets need a little bit of extra love and attention and I get to pet them.

What do you do when you're not volunteering here?

I go to my day program 4 days a week. My favorite activities there are going to the library, swimming, therapeutic horseback riding, walking the track at the Plymouth Community Center, and reading. I am also working with a job coach to find a job that I love so I can earn enough money to buy my own things.

Do you have any pets?

I have a 6 year old COVID rescue lab mix. Her name is Pepper. She’s the perfect mix of patience, gentleness, and playfulness. I love to have her sit for a cookie and spin, I love rubbing her belly, brushing her ears, and rubbing her back when she comes over and sits by me. When the weather is nice, I love to take her on walks.


Tell us about a pet that had a big impact on your life.

My first pet was a water spaniel named Duncan. I got him when I was five years old and we had him for 12 years. Whenever I was having a seizure, he would lay down next to me. People used to call him my canine nanny because he would always be watching me, he would sit by me, and he would always wait for my bus when I would get home from school. After he died, we never had a dog like him.


What’s the most memorable moment in your time volunteering with us?

Every time I see staff pets, I particularly enjoy it, especially when they’re in the volunteer break room and I can pet them.


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