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Surgery brings a beloved pup's sparkle back

Diamond was an adorable, wiggly, six-week-old pup when she found her way into Cassandra’s lap and heart. Not long after, she made herself right at home as an extended member of Cassandra’s large family in Minneapolis - which included grandparents, siblings, nieces, and nephews.

With so many people to shower her with love, Diamond quickly began learning the ropes and establishing her own special connection with each member of the family. She learned that the best place to sleep was under Cassandra’s dad’s legs; she found the perfect play companions in the kids; she worked her puppy dog eyes on Cassandra’s mom - knowing she was most likely to spoil her; and she found an incredible bond and unconditional love with Cassandra.

“She has been there for me in so many ways. She means so much to me. I have never felt this way about an animal of mine. I feel the length of time we’ve been together is precious. She is my companion, my therapy, and my joy all wrapped up in one special dog.”

And so, at twelve years old, when Diamond started acting lethargic and not her usual happy-go-lucky self, Cassandra knew something was wrong. Her abdomen started to swell and protrude and Cassandra swung into action by bringing her to their local veterinarian.

There, they ran x-rays and tests and discovered that Diamond had a mass in her abdomen. They recommended taking her to an animal hospital for a second opinion and possible surgery. Cassandra had heard about Mission Animal Hospital from a co-worker and heard that Mission worked hard to meet people where they’re at financially to provide high-quality care at an affordable price. Cassandra showed up at our urgent care the very next day.

Diamond had a mass on her spleen and after going through all the treatment options with our doctor, Cassandra decided to move forward with an emergency splenectomy scheduled for two days later.

The day of the surgery, Cassandra waited outside in her car and prayed. Nearly three hours later, the call came - “my girl had made it!” A remarkable 11-pound mass was removed from her abdomen along with her spleen. The mass had damaged no other organs and soon the doctors confirmed that it wasn’t cancerous! Diamond’s prognosis was good and she came out of surgery with a new hop in her step.

“Since the surgery, she is a renewed dog. She has that sparkle in her eye again, she runs around like she isn’t 12 anymore. She isn’t carrying around all that weight and I know she is so grateful and happy because of it.”

Diamond is yet again living her very best life in her favorite cuddle spot, with her lively play companions, and unconditional love - exactly as it should be! “Mission saved Diamond’s life. If it wasn’t for the doctors and staff at Mission, I would not have her sitting with me today.”

At Mission, we know your pets are members of your family - and we will care for them like our own. When the unexpected happens, we are here for you.

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