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Spring brings gnat bites for pets

Spring is exciting for pets as warmer temperatures often mean they get to spend more time outside! The warmer weather also brings more bugs, however, and more bug bites on our furry friends.

One type that we see often at Mission Animal Hospital is bites from black flies, also called buffalo gnats. These bugs come out of the grass in the spring and summer to bite pets on bare skin. They can swarm in large groups, but don’t usually carry diseases.

The bites are red and circular and show up on parts of your pet that aren’t covered in fur, usually the stomach or ears. Sometimes, they have a darker red outline, but not always. They can get as large as a nickel and are often bright red, but fade to a paler color over time.

The good news is that usually, these bites don’t usually bother pets all that much. They look alarming for pet owners, but they’ll usually resolve on their own without a trip to the veterinarian!

Some dogs, however, will be more irritated by the bites. They may show this by licking or itching the spots excessively. This can result in an infection, at which point a visit to the veterinarian can help!

It’s also important to make sure that your pet is taking a monthly preventative in the warmer months so that you can be sure that these bites aren’t from fleas or ticks.


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