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Kittens, Kittens, Everywhere Kittens

Mission Animal Hospital is proud to partner with local rescue groups to offer High Quality High Volume Spay Neuter Clinics (HQHV). On November 15, 2021, Mission partnered with our friends at Bitty Kitty Brigade, Mission Animal Hospital spayed and neutered 54 cats and kittens in a single day, making this our largest spay and neuter event ever!

Since a temporary halt to spays and neuter procedures last spring due to COVID in an effort to preserve PPE’s, there has been a huge uptick in the number of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. Some rescue organizations report a 300% increase in unwanted pregnant moms, kittens and puppies this spring/summer. This is a direct result of the cancellation of thousands of spay and neuter surgeries in Minnesota. Veterinary hospitals across the Twin Cities and the country have been backed up trying to meet increased demands of patients.

This means that many rescued pets have to wait months. In order to be placed with families, pets with most rescue organizations must receive their vaccinations and be spayed or neutered, meaning more pets are waiting longer times before they can be placed, simply due to the back-up at area veterinarians.

During our November 15, HQHV clinic, two veterinarians, three veterinary technicians, two veterinary assistants, and four volunteers, were able to provide spay or neuter surgeries as well as critical vaccines and microchips to 54 kittens, allowing them to be finally placed in their fur-ever homes.

We’re happy to have our hospital filled with kittens to help manage the homeless pet population in our community and reduce the burden on shelters and rescues in our community.


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