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Kasandra's Journey with Mistens and the Lifesaving Care at Mission Animal Hospital

Kasandra and Mistens found each other almost 11 years ago at a particularly vulnerable time in Kasandra's life. Kasandra was experiencing symptoms of depression and PTSD and she was starting to give up. Mistens gave her a reason to push forward.

It was Mistens love of attention, perching on her shoulders, and asking for cuddles that brought back Kasandra’s beautiful smile.

But when Kasandra noticed that her beloved cat wasn’t asking for cuddles, she knew immediately something was wrong. She had heard of Mission Animal Hospital, and immediately brought her to see our veterinarians.

Mistens was diagnosed with a pyometra, a serious and potentially life-threatening infection that requires urgent surgery. Without Mission’s subsidized care and payment plans, there is no way that Kasandra would have been able to save Mistens.

“Thank you. It’s important to keep families together and pets are family,” said Kasandra.
“I could have been forced with a really difficult situation if it wasn’t for help. Thanks to donors, that help was available.”


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