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Help heal pets like Rumi

As a client of Mission Animal Hospital, I know first-hand the life-changing impact this organization has on pets and people. That's why I'm sharing Rumi's story of hope and healing and how Mission was able to save my baby.

I hope that as you read my story, you'll consider joining me in supporting their cause providing accessible veterinary care to pet's like my dog, Rumi.

On August 3rd I got the worst call of my life.

My beloved pup Rumi had been hit by a car while out on a walk with my mom. Her front leg was broken as well as several toes.

Rumi is the first dog I've ever owned. She's highly intelligent and my emotional support. I can't tell you how many times during hours long panic attacks and debilitating anxiety, she's been right by my side. She'll sit as close as she can and lay calmly with me until the episode subsides.

She probably deserved an experienced and loving family, but she got a girl in her 20s with a big heart and no experience. But I love her so. She is my family.

When I got the call on August 3, I rushed home from work and met my family at the emergency veterinarian. Emotionally, I was broken like her bones. We feel everything for one another. She wasn't herself, and all she could do was sleep. She lost weight, I lost weight. She couldn't eat, I couldn't eat.

At the emergency veterinarian, the cost was overwhelming. I had no pet insurance and limited options to ensure my baby got the care she needed.

Thankfully, we were referred to Mission Animal Hospital and they were there for us. Rumi had surgery to repair her broken leg, and endless bandage changes to ensure proper healing.

Rumi is now back to her playful puppy self, and Mission Animal Hospital is now our family. I can't express the gratitude of them fixing my little stinkabutt's body and my heart.

Because of Mission, I was able to save this dog's life, and she in turn is able to save mine.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation of any amount. Your donation helps provide life-saving veterinary care to pets from families in need. Will you give today to support pets like mine?


Sepedty and Rumi


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