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Endo's life was in jeopardy

Trisha has had dogs her whole life, and her devotion and love goes beyond just having them as pets. Trisha shows her dogs in competition. She’s always had German Shepherd dogs, but decided that she was ready for a new kind of companion nearly 6 years ago. That’s when Endo came into her life.

Endo is an American Bully, who Trisha describes as “80 pounds of snuggle.” He loves to be in Trisha’s lap and keep as warm as possible. He’s always there to cuddle and snuggle after Trisha has a long and stressful day. Though he’s a couch potato who loves to nap at home, Endo also competes in dog shows with Trisha.

“Once he’s in the show ring, he knows how cute he is,” Trisha said. He’ll nap between competition events, but struts his stuff when he’s out there. His swagger has impressed judges too! He’s done well in shows, even taking home Best in Show.

Endo also acts as an ambassador for Trisha and her husband’s business, which involves traveling the dirtbike racing circuit. He loves to come with them on their travels and meet and greet their customers.

The day before Endo’s 6th birthday, Trisha noticed that Endo was behaving unusually when he went out for his morning potty break. When she went out to check on him, she found his stomach was very distended. Trisha had seen this before, as one of her childhood dogs had passed away due to a septic abdomen. She knew it was serious and carried him to her car right away to head to an emergency veterinarian.

The emergency veterinarian confirmed Trisha’s worst suspicions. Endo had a septic abdomen that would require emergency surgery. But unfortunately, the cost of the surgery at the emergency veterinarian wasn’t feasible for Trisha and her family. Trisha was so worried she would have to say goodbye to her furry family member. She was determined to do everything she could to save him, however. “It just wasn’t his time,” she said.

Thankfully, Trisha and Endo were referred to Mission Animal Hospital. Our medical staff was able to see Endo the same day and make his life-saving surgery accessible for Trisha and her family.

Endo’s surgery was successful, and the cause of his issues was discovered to be a cyst in his abdomen. He’s now happy and healthy at home with his beloved family. “I’m just so happy he’s here,” Trisha said.


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