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CSS Appreciation Week - Meet Jennifer!

Name: Jennifer

Title: Lead Client Service Specialist

  1. What do you do at Mission and what does an "average" day look like?

I am a Lead Client service specialist, I’ve been with Mission for over 4 years. We are the first and last point of contact for our clients and patients. We help our clients schedule their future appointments, surgeries, and anything else their furry pets may need.

2. Tell us about a patient/client that sticks with you.

One of my favorite patients is Lily, She’s always so happy to see everyone! Lily wants all the love. Me and her mom have become friends, and I get the pleasure of sometimes watching Lily when they go on family vacations.

3. What drew you to Mission?

I use to be a client at Mission before I started working there. I love the fact that we can make such a huge difference in the Community. I wake up everyday knowing that I am able to make a difference, even if it’s just by greeting a client with a smile. :)

4. Are you a cat or a dog person?

I love both dogs and cats.. but I am more a dog person. I am allergic to cats.

5. Tell us about your pets!

I have a Hound mix named Frankie, he brings so much love and fun into our family!


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