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CSS Appreciation Week - Meet Heather!

Name: Heather

Title: Client Service Specialist

1. What do you do at Mission and what does an "average" day look like?

My role here at Mission is to be the first point of contact for people and their pets and to assist and educate them on our processes, procedures and how Mission can help them overall. It can be a very emotional role as we all care so much about the animals who come to us for care.

2. Tell us about a patient/client that sticks with you.

I always look forward to seeing Matthew and his dog Edward. Edward is a young bloodhound who was really timid and shy when he first came here. I spent a lot of time just sitting by him on the floor with treats in hand to gain his trust. By the end of his visit that day he was taking treats out of my hand and let me pet him! Edward came in fairly often over the next few months and each time he was a little braver. Now (about a year later) whenever he comes in he recognizes me and hangs out with me at the front desk! We're best pals and he's the greatest, goofiest dog ever!

3. What drew you to Mission?

What drew me to Mission Animal Hospital is the overall goal to reduce the financial barriers for people and their pets. Mission is also a beautiful hospital and the staff here are incredible! Everyone is truly passionate about providing the best possible care for the animals who come in. My co-workers are some of the most compassionate people I've ever met and we all work really hard to provide the best care to as many animals as possible each and every day.

4. Are you a cat or a dog person?

Cat or dog? I honestly love both! However, I'm not able to have a cat because one of my dogs likes to try and "hunt" everything.

5. Tell us about your pets!

I have two dogs. First up is Larry (aka Lar dog or Lar bear). He's an eight years old black and tan dachshund. I adopted him when he was six months old. Larry is full of personality and makes me laugh all the time. He's the best little guy! And even though he's low to the ground, he can jump his way from the floor to a waist high desk. It's quite impressive but also scary since doxies are prone to back issues. He keeps me on my toes. Next up is Lena (aka Lena bean or Lena peanut). She is about six years old and I adopted her at 11 weeks old. She is a brindle chi-weenie mix from AZ. She is definitely a mama's girl and prefers to stay by my side. Off leash she can run like the wind and turn on a dime. She's so fun to watch!


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