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Bebe Says: Mission Animal Hospital’s Accessible Care is a Lifesaver

Straight from the patient’s mouth

Hi! I’m Bebe, a 14 year old Boxer, and I love Mission Animal Hospital! I’ve been a patient there for more than five years.

An elderly dog walks on a leash wearing an orange Mission Paw-looza tee shirt
Bebe at Mission Paw-looza 2023

I wanted to share the news that Mission Animal Hospital is Downtown Dogs and Dog’s Day Out’s Change Unleashed! Program partner this quarter! That means that every time you purchase something from their retail store, it benefits pets who rely on the accessible veterinary care provided by Mission Animal Hospital.

An elderly dog sleeps on a couch
Bebe relaxing at home

Let me tell you a little about my experiences as a patient Mission and why it’s such a great place! I first started coming to Mission Animal Hospital for my annual wellness exam and vaccines right when my mom started work there. I learned to tolerate having my nails trimmed too, thanks to a lot of tasty peanut butter.

As I got older, my visits to Mission Animal Hospital became more frequent as I got into a bit of trouble (like eating things mom said I shouldn’t have—apparently I needed treatment for toxicity) and as aging brought up some issues.

One day, my mom brought me in on a hunch—she just had a feeling something was wrong. Her gut was telling her that I needed to get checked out by Mission’s team of highly-trained staff. She always says it’s important to always trust your instincts about your pets.

In the past, with other pets, my mom had to ignore her instincts that told her something was wrong because it was too expensive to get tests run and x-rays taken just based on a hunch. The last time she did that, her instincts were right, but my sister Zura had a heart attack, and it was too late to get help.

Two dogs lay together on a bed
Bebe and her sister Zura snuggle at home

She was so grateful that she could honor her instincts that something was wrong, and Mission Animal Hospital’s accessible veterinary care meant that she could bring me in and get me all checked out. Her instincts were right again, and Mission’s staff found a tumor in my lung.

An elderly dog is shown in profile wearing an orange Mission Paw-looza shirt and a yellow feather boa
Bebe showing her stuff at Mission Paw-looza!

My mom was so sad to find this out, but because of Mission’s accessible care, I’ve been receiving palliative care for more than a year. I take medications to manage my symptoms and help me stay happy and comfortable as long as possible, and my mom and I are so happy to have this time together.

I love supporting Mission by coming to their Mission Paw-looza event and showing off my tricks for the talent show and being an ambassador for them, while also getting lots of pets and love.

This is your chance to do something great for pets in need by making a purchase at Downtown Dogs or Dog’s Day Out! Your purchase will help provide accessible veterinary care for pets just like me.

Thanks for hearing my story!

Love, Bebe


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