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Honor the Memory of a Beloved Pet

A tribute leaf on the Memorial Tree is the perfect way to celebrate one of the most important unconditional loves of your life.

Located in the comfort room at Mission Animal Hospital, the Memorial Tree is a tribute to pets that have been loved and lost. Our pets are family and their passing often leaves us with a heavy heart. One way to honor their passing is with a memorial leaf on our tree. Each leaf is inscribed with a pet’s name and a short message chosen by the owner or individual making the gift.

There are three levels of Memorial Leaves available to create a tribute in memory of your pet or the pet of another bereaved owner.

  • Bronze Leaf - $20

  • Silver Leaf  - $50

  • Gold Leaf - $100


Each leaf is approximately four inches wide and is engraved with a personal message in honor of your pet's memory. All proceeds will help support Mission's programming to ensure thousands of pets receive the veterinary care they need.

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