Wellness Care

Removing barriers to preventative care. 

Mission Animal Hospital offers wellness care by appointments seven days a week with the goal of making this service the most accessible for you and your pet. We see all breeds of dogs and cats — we do not see other species at this time. 


Each wellness appointment includes a nose to tail physical examination which provides the opportunity for our veterinarian to fully assess your pet for health. This includes looking for things like dental disease, bumps or swellings, skin problems or other issues with eyes, ears, pads, or paws. Our veterinarian will also weigh your pet and discuss healthy body condition.


We value your input as we determine the proper course for your furry family member, whether it is for general wellness, a specific injury, or an ongoing medical condition. This collaboration will help you make informed decisions that meet your budget, with tiered pricing based on your household income.

Our wellness care appointments include a full physical exam and dependent on our findings, we may recommend: 

  • Vaccinations

  • Parasite screenings

  • Blood and urine screenings

  • Anal sac expression

  • Nail trim

  • Microchipping

  • Ear cleaning

  • Diagnostic and treatment options for medical conditions

  • Guidance on how needs will change as your pet ages

  • Elective surgical procedures (dental cleanings/extractions, spay/neuter)

Why is preventative veterinary wellness care so important?

You have probably heard the phrase, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Well, that is certainly the case when it comes to anything medical, including your pet’s veterinary care! With routine year or half-yearly visits, diseases can be prevented with: vaccines being up to date, routine deworming and important monthly heartworm and flea/tick prevention supplies provided. Regular preventative wellness care enables our veterinarians to closely track the results of each routine test and spot any patterns that may indicate that a health problem is developing. Illnesses and diseases are easier to treat when they are identified in the early stages and well before there are complications or advanced disease.

Common Vaccination and General Services

We offer a two-tier pricing model, with our “Mission Program” reduced-fee prices available to those that meet the income qualifications. Since March 2020, we have extended our Mission Program pricing to those that have been financially impacted by the economic realities of COVID-19. 

* All  prices listed are subject to change. 

To Make an Appointment

To make an appointment for wellness care by appointment, call 952-938-1237