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Why I'm supporting Mission Animal Hospital Today

A special message from Chelsea F. and her dog Duke:

Today on Give to the Max Day, when I think of the causes that mean the most to me, I think of Mission Animal Hospital, and how they saved my beloved dog, Duke. And today, they gave a special matching gift, so all gifts up to $20,000 will be doubled!

Duke’s happiest place on earth is right next to his family. He’s a “velcro dog” who likes to be right by my side. He, and his sister, Siggi, are the light of our lives.

We were always on the lookout for any signs of health trouble. And then one day, our worst fears came true. Duke developed a urinary blockage.

We knew this was serious, and we took Duke to an emergency animal hospital right away. Things went from bad to worse when we heard how much it would cost to save Duke’s life.

I’ll never forget the feeling that I couldn’t help him. The cost was way outside of our budget, and I had no idea how we would save our sweet goofy boy.

But then, we were presented the option to take Duke to Mission Animal Hospital. When we arrived at Mission, everything turned around. 

We could get Duke the surgery he needed, and we could feel that the veterinarians were right there with us, trying to save our dog no matter what. Everyone from the front desk staff to the veterinarians made us feel like there was hope.

I’ve never been more relieved than when I got the phone call from Mission that Duke was out of surgery and it was successful. He was going to be ok. 

Duke and Siggi mean the world to us. Duke was our first dog together and has been with us through so much. He’s not just a pet to us, he’s family and our home wouldn’t have been the same without him here. We are all together again, happy and healthy, and we owe that to Mission Animal Hospital. 

So today, on Give to the Max Day, I urge you to donate to Mission Animal Hospital to help families like mine. Your gift will save a pet like Duke.


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