Advanced Surgery

Complex surgical cases such as torn ligaments, 

tumor removals, or bone fractures.

In addition to general surgery, Mission Animal Hospital offers advanced surgical care. Our Advanced Surgery Practice (ASP) may be recommended when a case is particularly challenging, or when a procedure warrants additional surgical expertise, specialized equipment, intensive monitoring, and/or detailed aftercare. Our Advanced Surgery Practice offers complex orthopedic and soft tissue procedures in-house, making these often costly procedures more accessible to our community by allowing for tiered pricing and flexible payment options. In fact, the MAH ASP is the only service of its kind within a non-profit veterinary hospital in the Midwest! Whether you are a current client, a new client, or referred from your primary care veterinarian, our ASP team strives to provide your pet with the highest standards of surgical care.


Our Advanced Surgery Practice is currently staffed by:

  • Dr. Heather Hadley, DACVS (Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeon)

  • Dr. Sara Losinski, DACVS (Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeon)


Our Advanced Surgery doctors are supported by a dedicated team of certified veterinary technicians and assistants.

Why Seek a Veterinarian with Advanced Surgical Training?

We believe that pets deserve the very best care possible! Just as humans are treated by specialists for a variety of reasons, the veterinary profession can also offer care with veterinarians that have advanced training. If your pet develops a condition or injury requiring specialized management, your primary care veterinarian or emergency veterinarian may refer you to a veterinary surgeon.


To become a veterinarian, an individual must first complete a four-year undergraduate degree before advancing to a four-year program at an accredited veterinary school to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree. Veterinary surgeons, however, complete at least one additional year of internship and then a three-year residency program for extensive training, specifically in the field of surgery.


After completion of a surgical residency, a rigorous certification examination must be passed in order to earn the title of “Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons” or DACVS. The American College of Veterinary Surgery oversees this credentialing process, ensuring that board-certified veterinary surgeons are of the highest caliber.


Common Procedures Performed by Mission’s Advanced Surgery Practice:


Orthopedic Surgery:

  • Knee surgery (e.g., TPLO, extracapsular suture, and patellar stabilization)

  • Treatment of sporting injuries (e.g., fracture repair and treatment of tendon/ligament injuries)


Soft Tissue Surgery:

  • Skin procedures (e.g., wound management, mass excision, and reconstructive surgery)

  • Management of chronic ear disease (e.g., total ear canal ablation and aural polyp removal)

  • Airway procedures (e.g., arytenoid lateralization to address laryngeal paralysis and shortening of the soft palate and other procedures to address brachycephalic airway syndrome)

  • Intra-thoracic procedures (e.g., lung lobe resection, removal of the pericardium, and correction of diaphragmatic hernia)

  • Intra-abdominal/gastrointestinal procedures (e.g., gastrotomy/enterotomy for the removal of foreign bodies, treatment of GDV or bloat, gastropexy, intestinal resection and anastomosis, intra-abdominal tumor removal, rectal polyp removal, and anal sac removal)

  • Hepatobiliary procedures (e.g., liver tumor removal, gall bladder removal, and stent placement in the common bile duct)

  • Urinary procedures (e.g., removal of bladder stones, perineal urethrostomy, and kidney surgery)

  • Genital/reproductive organ procedures (e.g., cryptorchid neuter, spay for pyometra, cesarean section, vulvar fold resection, and mastectomy)


Our Advanced Surgery Practice is available to current Mission Animal Hospital patients. To become a patient, contact us at 952-938-1237 to make an appointment or see our Urgent Care Services.